Review: In Real Life Christmas

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A boy band named In Real Life has released two songs which the band is attempting to sell as a full Christmas album. The “album,” titled In Real Life (I’ve never seen a self-titled Christmas album), is roughly seven minutes long in its entirety and shares names with other popular Christmas songs. The band’s feeble attempt at an album is concerning, especially since they’re charging two dollars for it.

Looking at the reviews on the iTunes store page is even more bothersome. There are no reviews below five stars and they only talk about how great the band is rather than being constructive about the tracks themselves.

The songs are difficult to call harmonic, and it’s disappointing because their record label, Hollywood Records, has some successful artists under their belt, such as Zendaya. It seems like Hollywood Records wants to push this band to further their agenda of reviving the boy band era. However, if this album had come out four years ago, it wouldn’t have bothered me since that was the popular music taste then.

I’ve done two reviews about this band and it feels like I’m torturing myself. It is a spectacle how this album was released with only seven minutes of content, and I’m stuck between horror and disgust.