Review: Bill Nye Saves the World

Photo courtesy of Netflix

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Bill Nye is a name anyone will recognize because of his old TV show, Bill Nye the Science Guy, which delivered major science education to the youth of the 1990’s. Thanks to Netflix, Nye is back on the screen with his new show, Bill Nye Saves the World.

His new show, a Netflix original, is directed towards teens and older, contrary to his last science show, which was directed towards kids.

The thirteen episode long season with episodes lasting about 35 minutes in length covers a wide range of topics from curing illnesses with bizarre remedies, like curing cancer by yelling at it, to climate change.

The series shows modern day science.  In episode three, “Machines Take Over the World” is about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how huge advancements have allowed artificial intelligence to create an original painting based off of the Dutch master, Rembrandt. Also in this episode, Microsoft developer Saqib Shaikh, who lost his sight at age seven, works on an app that lets you take a picture and it describes what it sees.

Episode five is about the the Panspermia theory, which is that a meteorite hit Mars and blasted a part off of it. The part flew around the sun and crash landed on Earth and brought life along with it. This episode is one of the more interesting episodes because it handles so many interesting subjects.  It discusses what NASA will do if we end up bringing life back from the Mars 2020 mission. A strange addition to this episode is the Tardigrade section with 6 time UFC Champion Randy Couture, where he is dressed as the microscopic organism that can withstand nearly all conditions.

Overall, Bill Nye Saves the world is a extremely good show.  Bringing Nye back to science, especially in 2017, was a wonderful business and entertainment investment. I look forward to more seasons of this hit show.