The Lego Batman Movie Builds Its Way to the Top

Photo courtesy of DanOfGeek

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The first time you watch The Lego Batman Movie, you will almost certainly leave the theater going “I need to watch that a again.” The simple yet enjoyable plot lends itself well, and The Lego Batman Movie left much more of an impression then I ever thought it would be capable of. The storyline is fun enough for all ages to enjoy, and is loaded with enough twists and turns to keep things interesting.

The storyline is fun enough for all ages to enjoy. Batman is the savior of Gotham City every other week, but when all of the villains are imprisoned, he is left alone and without a job. This fairly loose plot allows extravagant amounts of humor to help transition everything, and also had me laughing the entire time.  

Photo courtesy of Screen Crush

The creative visual style of Lego bricks return for this offshoot installment of the original Lego Movie, and causes you to almost watch in disbelief at how much there is to see in every frame and at how fast the film goes itself. Fast pacing goes well with the detail-packed visuals that make you want to rewatch it just to be able to see the easter-eggs in the background.

The eccentric characters are very enjoyable to watch, and contradict with the angsty character that is Batman. Will Arnett’s (Batman) performance is as angsty as it is fun to watch, and Michael Cera (Robin) contradicts nicely as a hyper child with Batman. The cast was clearly enjoying themselves while doing voiceovers, and created an authentic feel for the characters. Each line of clever dialog was said with such enthusiasm that it pulled you straight into the film, and surprised me with how the entire movie moves along like clockwork, with a fun plot to match.     

The Lego Batman Movie is a film that I encourage you to see on a whim, or even when you need a laugh. With its diverse characters and wonderful acting, you can’t call yourself a Bat-fan if you haven’t seen this movie.