New and Improved Marching Band


Carly Potter

At the beginning of the first movement, the marching band executes their first leaning visual, with the colorguard throwing a double toss in the background.

The marching band has gained 11 new members this year, leading to a competitive size change from the 2A to the 3A division. The show’s name this year is Descent to Darkness and features darker music and visuals. There are also two drum majors, or conductors, this year. This is Jazz Hennes’ first year as a drum major, though he has marched throughout his high school career.

“This is our chance to voice some of what we’ve been going through and feeling (since the pandemic), and I really want that darkness and almost angry aspects of the show to come out,” Hennes said. “I’m hoping, because of that, people can find more of a connection with the show and give a piece of themselves to it.”

The school also has a new activities director, Becky Paschke. An activities director works with all the clubs and activities in the school and gives them a voice in the administration. Paschke, has a long history of working with other marching bands.

“It’s nice because you get to actually meet students and get to know them. I’m really excited,” Paschke said.

The band is almost finished preparing the show. It is about seven minutes long and consists of three movements, or segments. 

“We have a lot of potential. The show is really cool, and we are very talented. It’s going to take a lot for us to get to a good end place with it but if everyone is willing to put everything they have forward, it will be one of the coolest shows I’ve ever been to or seen,” drum major, Carley Getz said, “Band kids lose their minds over anything dark and our energy is amazing. I’m excited for sure.”

Seniors make up almost a fourth of the band this yea

The marching band plays pep tunes to heighten the spirits of the football team during the Homecoming game. The lobos won with a staggering 24-14 against Eagle Valley. (Carly Potter)

r. Another year brings more freshmen too, some of who are completely new to marching band. Max Gibson is one of them, though his family has marched with the Lobo Regiment, this is his first year. He marches with a saxophone.

“I just love watching band so much. It’s just going from point A to point B in a specific order. Then there’s memorizing the music and knowing where to play that. There’s also visuals, which look so cool from the audience, but doing it I just feel so silly,” Gibson said.

Some of these visuals are things like leans or poses to emit more of a dark tone, as well as creating the look of the band doing something together. There are moments in the show where a portion of the band will adjust marching speed or the Colorguard will do a certain flag toss. These visuals can do a lot for the overall atmosphere of the show.

 “It’s also a lot of strict teamwork. At one point, there’s this big circle and then we go to two lines, and there’s always somebody next to you to help you out. But I’ve also messed up that part when they’ve been gone, so it’s a lot of individuals too. We have a really good band and I think we’re going to do really well this year,” Gibson said.