The Lobos Take On The Cougars

Conifer vs. Evergreen Softball Game


Graciela Fischer

Senior, Megan Fritz, playing as the catcher. Megan Fritz has been playing softball for 11 years. “I stay focused by calling pitches,” Megan Fritz said. “It gives me a say in every play and helps me concentrate on the game.”

     Conifer High School students always look forward to athletic games. However, there is one school in particular that Conifer gets eager to play- Evergreen High School. 

     On Saturday, September 18, the Conifer High School softball team faced Evergreen High School at Evergreen. The Conifer softball team has been on a winning streak throughout this season. 

     “We have been practicing every day this week, and we knew this was going to be a good game,” sophomore, Kellyn Dougherty, said. “We focused heavily on our fielding and we were glad we were able to hit off the Evergreen pitcher.”

     Conifer played with a strong offense during this game, which allowed for a majority of the team to run bases. 

     “I think I did good this game,” senior, Kira Alley, said. “Baserunning was fun. For the next game, my goal is to play in the outfield and get some outs.”

     The Conifer team was able to get their score up quickly at the start of the game. They were able to stay focused and make sharp plays throughout the game.

     “I just like to think about if the ball gets hit to me where I would play the ball,” senior, Ashley Fritz, said. “I just try to think positive things, good stuff can still always happen.”

     The game ended with a score of 12-2, giving the win to Conifer. Conifer High School is scheduled to play next on September, 20. They will be playing against Golden High School at Conifer. 

     “For the next game, I want to win of course and help my team with hits. I also want to play good defense.” Fritz said.