Food Truck for French Class


Ana Tena

Freshmen Ryli Metcalf and Braidie Bundock show off their crepes during French class.

Some may have seen a truck outside the school last Thursday, or some of you may not have seen it, but probably most of you may wonder what it was all about? The food truck was here as part of a lesson for the French class!  

“It really worked out, I think all the kids have really enjoyed being able to pick out their crepes and eat them fresh and it’s been a really awesome experience,” French teacher Erin Juergens said. 

Around this time of year, Juergens likes to do some type of French cooking with her students since cooking is a big part of the culture, but this year was a little different from others and COVID-19 made it impossible for them to cook their own food. She said that since they had to bend to different rules she decided to bring a food truck. 

“I think it’s really awesome. She told us at the beginning of the year, she usually cooks things for us in French class, but because COVID-19 happened she couldn’t. I was really excited when we were able to do this,” Samatha Shaver, sophomore, said. 

In an informal poll of those who purchased crepes, 71.4% people prefer sweet crepes over savory!