Lobos Basketball takes on D’Evelyn Jaguars

Conifer vs. D’Evelyn


Graciela Fischer

Senior Carson Kennedy takes the ball down the court

       Conifer’s boys basketball team took on the D’Evelyn Jaguars on Wednesday, February 3, at home.

       This was the third game of the season for the team, and was against one of Conifer’s biggest rivals. D’Evelyn has a reputation for having game-winning athletic teams. 

       “We were feeling confident because we have good practices and work hard, it’s just much different in a game situation,” sophomore Myles Jordan said. “We knew they wanted to force middle with the ball and get as many layups as they could, and we let them do whatever they wanted on the offensive side of the ball.” 

       D’Evelyn’s team was strong, but Conifer went at them with all they could, which was seen on the court.  Many of the players on the varsity team are new, so the team is still trying to set a team dynamic.

       “We lack team chemistry. We have been going out and eating before every game and going to people’s houses on the weekend to bond and improve our play,” Jordan said. “We need to learn our own role and play it fully.”

       The Conifer boys had a craving to win the game. However, the team is facing some struggles with the season and team being new. During this game in particular the team allowed the opposing players to come through and break Conifer’s defense. However, the team felt there was growth in their transitions.

       “We kind of lack the energy,” senior Carson Kennedy said. “We come out hard and then we lose it. All we have to figure out is our chemistry, that way we can keep going throughout the whole game.”

       The final score for the game was 96-32, giving the win to D’Evelyn High School. While it is an unfortunate loss, the team is taking time before their next game to grow and practice skills. 

       “We are going to work on everything. We need to handle the ball, run plays, play better defense, spacing,” Jordan said. “Those are just a few of the many things we need to work on if we would like to start getting on a roll in how short our season is,”

       The team is scheduled to play on Monday, February 8, against Standley Lake High school. The game will be held at Standley Lake. The game will be live streamed and fans can find the link for the stream here.

       “I just want to grow as a team. I’d like to win some games,” Kennedy said. “Obviously we are working on it. We will get there.”